Monticello Police Department

Striving for Excellence 

MPD PATCH2The Monticello Police Department is visible. We're responsive and involved in the community. We take great pride in our department and our individual efforts to make Monticello a safe community. A strong, healthy police-community relationship is essential to achieve the level of safety we all want.  Our Department's priority is getting aggressive in combating the serious criminal elements and maintaining a proactive and professional enforcement approach.  In doing so, this agency constantly tries to equip itself in modern training, updated equipment, physical training and preparing for the serious incidents.  This agency also networks with other Departments in the area for the purposes of training, education and sharing information.  This Department is a professional organization; however, we maintain approachability for citizens and youth.

The City of Monticello Police Department employs 12 Full Time Officers, 5 Part-Time Officers and Certified Breath Test Operators

Specialists: Firearms Instructor, Crime Scene Tech, Emergency Vehicle Operations Control, Accident Reconstruction Specialist, Drug Recognition Evaluator, Defensive Tactics, and 12 Certified Breath Test Operators.

Police Department Personnel

Jason Lingenfelter, Chief of Police
Tony Stroup Assistant Chief
Jeremy Kyburz, Captain
1FA31D51 finalChris Blake, Patrolman
Tyler Cosgray, Patrolman
Trevor Cox, Patrolman
Dane Holmes, Patrolman
Nathan Meyers, Patrolman
Lieutenant Travis Clark, Patrolman / K-9 Unit
Charlie Morehead, Patrolman / K-9 Unit
Ryan Pyle, Detective

Rich Lee, Ordinance Enforcement Officer

Marty Cotterman, Patrolman (Part-Time)
Mark Thomas, Patrolman (Part-Time)

Monica Phelps, Secretary
Jayne White, Receptionist
Lou Ann Goffe, Receptionist
Angel Lindley, Receptionist
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